Hi, I'm Aishah
I'm a Talented and Multi-Skilled

UI/UX Designer

I'm passionate about design because it helps me create a better experience for users and it helps me use my creativity to create beautiful and aesthetic design.
Listed below are my area of expertise and UX case studies I have worked on.



User Researching

I can adopt various methods to discover and understand users needs, behaviour and motivation to add a realistic context and insights to the design process. User researching provides an essential foundation of design strategy.

Creative Problem

Creative problem solving is part of the skills I have, this approach has helped me develop new and innovative ways to design user interface and find solution to common problems encountered by users.

Paper and Digital

I can create a basic outline or skeleton of an Interface (i.e website or app interface) both on paper and digitally. This helps me catch problems early, save time, establish page structure and work flow and iterate on designs quickly.

Architecture (IA)

I can Organize and structure information on Interface to match users needs to improve users experience.


I can create interactive low and high fidelity prototypes for User interface.

Usability Studies

I can conduct usability studies to understand how users interact with Interfaces (e.g apps or websites) to determine if the product solves their problems, and determine if the product is easy to use .

Iterating Design

I can improve user experience by making use of the results from the usability studies to make the product easier to use.


Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.

Other Skills

I can create Responsive design and I'm a frontend developer with expertise in JS, HTML, CSS & React JS.

Medic Care

Medic Care is a secure and reliable application that connects patients with their doctors across the country. The app provides search function to help you find a doctor in your area or by specialty, or allow you to make an appointment quickly.

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Nutty Baker

Nutty Baker is an ecommerce bakery app that allows users to order pastries from their favorite local vendors. We’re bringing together the best bakeries across the country, so users can order from neighborhoods they love.
Our baking app enables users to order fresh, artisanal pastries every day without ever leaving home. Users simply pick their flavors and location and we'll take care of the rest.

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Oakin is an online furniture ordering app that allows users to order from a furniture store with ease and style. Oakin offers high-quality, handcrafted pieces at the best price.

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